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Utah State starts at bottom of rankings

One blog's quest to rank every single football team in America begins at an appropriate place: the intersection of Utah State and the bottom.

God Inc is starting its rankings from worst to first, and the Aggies are the first ones up. The website sees Utah State finishing 2-10 (2-6 in WAC play), which we consider to be a roaring success as far as Utah State is concerned. And we already know where one of the wins is coming from:

Game to look for:

Idaho. This seems like it will be the game for last place in the WAC unless something changes fast for either of these programs. Utah State won last year’s meeting 24-19 in Moscow, Idaho.

We imagine that Idaho should be popping up on the site's rankings pretty soon, and we are more than prepared to wait 100 days or so to see Boise State's name.

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