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"Touchdown" Tommy Brandstater?

Apparently, Fresno State gunslinger/human turnover Tommy Brandstater has a new nickname.

The sun was shining. No one got hurt. And Touchdown Tommy Brandstater looked really freaking good for one series.
"Touchdown" Tommy Brandstater? Seriously? We and the official WAC statistics would like to disagree:
Brennan (Hawaii) 28 TDs38 TDs
Tharp (BSU) 30 TDs
Holbrook (NMSU) 26 TDs
Kaepernick (Nevada) 19 TDs
Tafralis (San Jose State) 18 TDs
Brandstater (Fresno State) 15 TDs
Champion (LaTech) 13 TDs
Enderle (Idaho) 10 TDs
Jackson (Utah State) 9 TDs
Someone with the nickname of "Touchdown" should maybe be among the conference leaders in the category.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other good nicknames for the Fresno QB. Here are some we just came up with off the top of our heads: "Turnover" Tommy Brandstater, "Tackling Dummy" Tommy Brandstater, Tommy "I thought he was wearing red" Brandstater, Tommy "remember the good old days of Paul Pinegar" Brandstater, and our personal favorite Tommy Brandstinker.

I went to a game and a circus broke out [Merced Sun-Star]