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Tom Scott = Fresno State fan?

Tom Scott's "Scott Slant" is often an interesting read...except when it is just plain wrong.

Scott's Tuesday entry recapped the story by Ivan Maisel about the WAC's biggest questions headed into the offseason. And instead of tackling the subject of Maisel's outrageous claim of Boise State "rebuilding," Scott took offense to the assertion that no WAC team is suited to crash the BCS again.

If Fresno's one loss isn't to Toledo, and the Bulldogs run the rest of the table, they could still go BCS-bustin'.

(Disappointed sigh.)

Forget, for a moment, the fact that Scott does not throw his endorsement behind a loaded Boise State squad. In order for Fresno to "run the rest of the table," they would have to beat the Broncos in Boise. Not as easy as it sounds.

Thanks for the complete lack of faith, Tom.

Every return to the brickyard is triumphant [Scott Slant]