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Thursday: Links with disappointment

Story of the day:

Nevada prep to walk-on at Boise State [Nevada Appeal]

Jake Hess, a 6-foot, 230-pound fullback from Galena High School in Reno, will walk-on at Boise State in the fall. Wait, isn't there a WAC football team already in Reno?
"A lot of people were asking, 'Why don't you go to Nevada?'" Hess said. "I really like Boise State - I like the tradition. The town is awesome. I can see myself at Boise."
Nevada's Pistol offense loses games and recruits, apparently.

Other links:

Troy Merritt feature [Idaho Press-Tribune]
Bronco Nation will be there in spirit because golf is pretty boring to watch in person.

A Top 25 list with perspective [EDSBS]
We think Mario Kart should have been ranked higher.

ACC pulls out of H-Bowl [Idaho Statesman]
Also pulling out? National respect.

Expect another wild season []
And expect a small-conference school to get screwed.