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Thursday: Links with Anger

Story of the day:

SEC talks about early recruiting season [Dave's Blog]

The SEC wants an early signing day, and what the SEC wants, the SEC gets. From
The coaches voted by a 9-3 count Wednesday at the SEC spring meetings to add an early signing day in late November. This 24-hour period for prospects to sign early would fall on the Monday before the contact period begins, which during a normal year would come during the week of Thanksgiving.
The measure now moves on for approval by the conference's athletic directors and presidents before being sponsored on a national level. Why not fix the BCS while you're at it, SEC?

Other links:

Orlando Scandrick interview []
Fascinating read if you have a membership. We don't.

Quinton Jones roughriding it in the CFL [Leader-Post]
We hear that is the best place to roughride.

Hawkins' unique approach to recruiting [Daily Camera]
What doesn't Hawk have a unique approach to?

Fresno State wins Commissioner's Cup [Dailey's Bottom Line]
Is that similar to a WAC football championship? It isn't? Oh, that's what we thought.

Washington State releases top QB prospect []
Steer clear of Moscow, young man!