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Re-vote! The fix was in for Marty Tadman

Conspiracy theorists are least those conspiracy theorists who care about Boise State blogs.

Was Marty Tadman's Hall of Fame vote tampered with? Did a rogue Tadman-hater stuff the ballot box? Did we horribly underestimate Vandal alumni?

When we checked the results on Monday, we were surprised to see that Tadman's Fiesta Bowl performance had been denied induction. We figured that our love for Tadman had blinded us to the fact that his Fiesta Bowl was not as awesome as we thought. Apparently, we figured wrong.

Alert reader J Harry notified us of some shady dealings during voting. We'll let J Harry explain:

When I looked at the percentages, his approval for induction was well over 70%. As I was on, frequently refreshing the page, I literally saw his score drop, one percent at a time. I feel strongly that one person was probably voting repeatedly to get the total under 70%... otherwise it would have been well above the cut-off.

Great work, J Harry! You may have just earned yourself a Hall of Fame nomination in a few years. Apparently, someone wanted Tadman out, and they were willing to refresh our homepage often enough to see it done.

We feel that it is only fair to do a re-vote for Tadman. The poll will be back up later today, and we'll hold the voting through Monday morning. To make sure that our readers really do want Tadman in the OBNUG Hall of Fame, we are requiring 80 percent of the vote for his induction.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for voting (once).