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MySpace profile: Ian Johnson version 2.0

Every so often, OBNUG puts on its investigative hat and hunts down the social network profiles of Boise State personalities. We're not proud of it.

Earlier today, we delved into the personal profile page of Ian Johnson. Or did we?

Further research shows a decidedly more personal MySpace page for #41, complete with accurate information, real photos, and mentions of his wife Chrissy. You mean there can be more than one profile page per person? Technology completely eludes us!

  • Profile name: ian
  • Tagline: Knowledge!!!!
  • Friends: 39
  • Top Friends: Chrissy Johnson, Shaun Jordan
  • Music: Your Life and Mine by Just Surrender
  • Books: "books are for nerds"
  • Most tragic comment: "Hey good luck tomorrow bro! show everyone that Hawaii is no match for you!"