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MySpace profile: Ian Johnson

Every so often, OBNUG puts on its investigative hat and hunts down the social network profiles of Boise State personalities. We're not proud of it.

We figured Ian Johnson to be a popular guy. He is an athletic, famous jock with a nationally recognized moment in the spotlight. Yet he only has 231 MySpace friends.

We attribute this to one of two things:
  1. He has agoraphobia.
  2. We did not find his actual MySpace page.
The latter option is a very good possibility, considering his profile lists his income at $250,000 and Barry Sanders as a Top Friend. At the same time, though, he has a lot of real, authentic people on his MySpace friend list, and they all seem to think that they are friends with the real Ian Johnson.

Agoraphobia is out of the question, too. People with social fears do not propose in front of a national TV audience.

Perhaps the reason for his low friend count is that he doesn't use MySpace very often. Maybe he views it as childish and immature, and he sees it as an obsession for those with no lives of their own. We wonder what that makes us then.

On second thought, forget we asked that.
Profile name: Ian
Cursor: giant football clipart
Friends: 231
Top friends: Matt Nelson, Kyle Wilson, the NFL, and,
Music: NFL Rise to Glory
Blog: none
Comments: "Thanx for the add. U R my favorite running back."
Ian Johnson's MySpace [MySpace]