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Montana to the WAC? Not anytime soon.

The WAC needs a lot of things. Might a Big Sky team be one of them?

An interesting article from the Mizzoulian, a website for Montana University athletics, tackles the issue of the Grizzlies joining Division I-A football and possibly playing in the WAC. They would certainly raise the average winning percentage.

For the tenth year in a row, the Montana Grizzlies football team exited spring practices with the title of "reigning Big Sky Champions"... There’s one debate that reigns over all the rest. It’s something every passionate Griz fan has an opinion on: whether or not the Griz have grown too big and too good for this level of competition.
At the earliest, Montana could not join the WAC until 2011 thanks to an NCAA law capping the number of schools moving up to Division I-A. Shoot, by 2011, Idaho, Utah State, and New Mexico State might not even have viable football programs anymore. And the Broncos will be in the PAC-10.

The story, which ends up taking a decidedly negative tone on Montana's move, references a similar jump to I-A by Boise State and Idaho, even working in a snide jab at the Vandals suckiness.

In 1996, a similar packaged deal was made with Boise State and the University of Idaho. Boise State has excelled since the move with seven conference championships (two in the Big West and five in the WAC) and a Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma. Meanwhile, Idaho has struggled.

"Obviously, we would’ve liked to have been more competitive in our revenue sports," Idaho Athletic Director Rob Spears said.

The University of Montana might not be able to move just yet, but judging by their Idaho snarkiness, the Grizzoulian would fit in just fine with us WAC media.

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