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Monday: links with professionalism

Hey all, welcome to the first day of the rest of your three months. We're going to be linking to the best Bronco stories on the 'Net every morning and then bringing you something original in the afternoon. Or at least that's the plan.

Boise State links

Vandals confuse attendance with extortion [Idaho Statesman]
Idaho is forcing fans who want single-game tickets to buy tickets to an additional game.

Fight, Fight's talking boycott [Fight, Fight, BSU]
Boycott?! We're in.

Good to know that someone has his priorities in order [Statue Left]
Have a good summer, Statue Left.

Orlando Scandrick turning heads in Cowboys camp [DC Fanatics]

WAC links

LaTech coach Dooley shares his vision for the Bulldogs [Shreveport Times]
Diagnosis: farsightedness.

Hawaii not in rebuilding mode? []
Would "starting over from scratch" mode be more apt?

Miscellaneous links

Murph's Turf responds to blogs [Idaho Statesman]

Bronco radio search narrows [Idaho Press-Tribune]
Probably because they just received our application