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Monday: Links with pectorals

Story of the day:

BSU chosen to research turf injuries [Int'l Herald Tribune]

Always at the forefront of turf-related news, Boise State University has been commissioned by the NFL to investigate turf-related injuries.
The (research) could provide the NFL with some of the most comprehensive information available on how and why turf-related injuries occur, and if changes in footwear or artificial turf could result in fewer injuries for NFL players. The NFL gave Boise State researchers a $115,000 grant last year for the project.
Our best solution for turf-related injuries is to plant grass. Problem solved. Now, go spend that $115,000 on Dairy Queen kiosks.

Other links:

Greg Graham closes in on extension [Idaho Press-Tribune]
The contract might include bonuses for successful inbound plays.

Idaho high school kids hit the combine []
No word yet on if Robb Akey cared to attend.

Mark Schlabach's post-spring Top 25 []
Fresno State and Oregon crack the top 25. Boise State waits for when it matters.

Alex Guerrero interview [Fight, Fight, BSU]
Do all former Boise State players end up in the CFL at some point?

Webcams are becoming new recruiting tool [Int'l Herald Tribune]
Yeah, for recruiting nerds.