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Monday: Links with America

Story of the day:

J. R. Simplot (1909-2008) [Associated Press]

Idaho lost one of its most successful and recognizable businessmen today when Jr. Simplot passed away in his home. He was 99.

While this news item is not expressly about Boise State, Simplot did have a soft spot in his heart for the Broncos, as explained by a story from the Tri-City Herald.
In his 90s, he seldom missed a Micron board meeting and was often seen about town, at events from Boise State University football games (he routinely bet $10 on the Broncos) to Art in the Park.
Betting on the Broncos? No wonder people considered him to have a brilliant business mind.

Other links:

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You're welcome, Pocatello.

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But do expect hover-cars.

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His players graduate!

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And we're done reading forever.

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"Because it is," says Fresno State fan.