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HOF: Tadman's Fiesta Bowl falls short

The people have spoken, and they do not feel the same way we do about Marty Tadman.

Tadman's Fiesta Bowl performance was the first nominee for the OBNUG Hall of Fame, a shoo-in as far as we were concerned, but he failed to earn the required 70 percent of the vote for induction, falling two percent short at 68 percent.

Were it up to us, Tadman would have been a sure-fire inductee, and he probably would have the Hall of Fame named after him. However, we value the opinion of our readers, and we appreciate you guys letting us know what you think. The OBNUG Hall of Fame will, apparently, be the toughest ticket in town.

Thanks to the hundreds who voted. We'll have the second OBNUG Hall of Fame nominee for you next week.