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Hello, cruel summer

Depression. Emptiness. Longing. Welcome to the summer of a BSU fan.

For the past several months, we have been able to fill our insatiable football appetites with signing day, spring football, and the NFL Draft. And times have been good. We've made Utah State jokes, we've cried together about Jeremy Childs' education, and we've offered an unpaid internship to Tad Miller. They were the best of times.

Now come the worst of times. Instead of Bronco football, we face a summer of the Boise Hawks, the Snake River Stampede, and sweating. Just thinking about it makes us want to put on our sleeveless Fiesta Bowl Champion T-shirt and listen to Dashboard Confessional in the dark. How will Bronco Nation deal with an incorrigible offseason? Best Buy shopping sprees, probably. Then debt.

OBNUG feels it, too. What are we supposed to do for the next three months? Make up stories? That’s what we did in February! We’ll have to actually follow leads and think outside the box. And we love our box!

All this would be so much easier if there were two college football seasons. Or time travel. Either way, Bronco fans wouldn't have to deal with a famine of football news from May through July. Three months of no Kellen Moore, no Coach Pete, and no Idaho Powerball mascot is almost too much to bear.

As such, we at OBNUG feel that summer is the perfect time to hibernate until the season resumes. Of course, by hibernate, we mean two or three posts a day rather than the usual four or five. So we guess it is more like summer narcolepsy, really.

By no means are we packing it in. There are still some big surprises ahead for the site, and we will be hard at work making OBNUG the best site it can be (with minimal effort). In particular, we have a giant summer feature that we are very excited about, and you should be, too. We don't want to give anything away, but let's just say that Blizzards might be involved.

Stay tuned. And stay sane.