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Friday: Links with motivation

Story of the day:

Bold WAC predictions []

Yesterday, we linked to a site that predicted the Broncos would face Maryland in the Humanitarian Bowl this year. Today, the same site goes one step further in guessing Boise State's 2008 record.
1. Fresno State (7-1, 9-3)
T2. Boise State (6-2, 9-3)
T2. Hawaii (6-2, 8-5)
4. Nevada (5-3, 7-5)
T5. New Mexico State (4-4, 5-7)
T5. San Jose State (4-4, 5-7)
7. Louisiana Tech (3-5, 3-9)
8. Utah State (1-7, 1-11)
9. Idaho (0-8, 1-11)
Seriously? 9-3? This is the worst news we've heard all day. Plus, if the Broncos finish 6-2 in the WAC, we might go into severe depression.

At least he got Utah State and Idaho right.

Other Links:

Humanitarian Bowl set for Dec. 30th at 2:30pm [Idaho Press-Tribune]
Fortunately we always keep our Tuesday afternoons free just in case a bowl game should happen.

T.J. Acree switches CFL teams [Scott Slant via J Bates]
An Eskimo to an Argonaut. Sounds like a Guillermo Del Toro movie.

Fight Fight skewers Akey for his comments [Fight Fight BSU]
Also skewered: the mustache.

Women soccer stars to visit Eagle [Idaho Statesman]
Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain?! We haven't been this excited since the Humanitarian Bowl date and time were announced!

Rimington watch list [Rimington Trophy]
Idaho, Nevada, and Utah State made the list. Just another thing for them to lose.

June Jones update: still thinks the run 'n shoot works []
Isn't that cute?