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Friday: Links with ageism

Story of the day:

ESPN recaps Broncos' busy spring[]

The Worldwide Leader is nothing if not persistent. In its efforts to create spring wrap-ups for every team in college football, often ends up doing a disservice to the small-conference schools, choosing sweeping generalizations over actually attending the spring practices. For instance:
There are questions at quarterback and along the offensive front, but there are plenty of playmakers if merely adequate answers appear.
This sentence could have been written five months ago.

The rest of the ESPN story is rather non-informative, considering that Boise State fans already know everything there is to know about the team. The added publicity is nice, but is it too much to ask for ESPN to make a starting QB prediction or something?

Other links:

Jake Plummer in downtown Boise on Saturday [Idaho Statesman]
We've got our #16 Arizona Cardinals jersey ready!

UW quarterback Jake Locker's legend grows []
We're not sure which is more legendary: suffering a spine injury and missing just one game or beating Boise State.

Maisel and Schlabach offer WAC questions []
We've got a question for them: How dare you.