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Colt Brennan speaks via Google News

Shall we check in with our favorite overrated, system quarterback?

Apparently Google News now pulls out random quotes from the person you're searching for. With Google's tendency to pull the most popular things first, it doesn't look like I'm the first person to put in Brennan's name. See below:

Now, that's the spirit!

To be fair, here's the whole story that he was quoted in. It was part of a longer quote basically about how June Jones had brainwashed him into thinking that he was the best quarterback to ever play college football, ever, but then realizing when he stepped onto the mainland how things really are. He was miffed by the thought of NFL scouts grading him on his physical abilities at this newfangled thing called the "combine". Well, that was my interpretation at least. You might want to read it for yourself.

Redskins Select Hawaii QB Colt Brennan in 6th Round []