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Bulldogs, Broncos battle in post-spring polls

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Thanks to preseason polls, Fresno State and Boise State don't have to wait until the regular season to start competing against one another.

Polls from a wide variety of Internet media outlets have popped up over the past few weeks, and many have been anxious to put in their two cents now that spring ball is over. The consensus still lies with Fresno State as the WAC favorite, but we'll let the Bulldogs win that battle so long as the Broncos win the war.

CBS Sportsline
For his number one spot, Dennis Dodd takes Ohio State over Georgia despite the undeniable evidence of Ohio State being traditionally overrated and overmatched when it counts. Fittingly, he also has Fresno State in the Top 25.
Fresno State: #24
Boise State: not mentioned
At least someone in the national media uses precedence to make their predictions. Stewart Mandel knows what's up (see below).
Fresno State: not mentioned
Boise State: "On the cusp"

Sporting News
Matt Hayes at Sporting News puts the Bulldogs at the top of his rankings. The Georgia ones, not the Fresno ones. But give him another month and Fresno might just get there.
Fresno State: #25
Boise State: not mentioned (ed's note: subscription canceled)

You know preseason polls are popular when even the CSTV guys are participating.
Fresno State: #23
Boise State: "On the cusp"

How original. Instead of a Top 25, Mr. College Football made a Top 30. That's, like, 20 percent more prognosticating!
Fresno State: #25
Boise State: "Almost made it"