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BCS Stays The Same, No One Surprised

To no one's real surprise, it announced yesterday that the BCS system will not change. In fact, ACC commissioner and BCS chairman John Swofford stated:

I believe the BCS has never been healthier in its first decade

Of course, when something starts so low, it can only go up.

11 conference commissioners met along with Notre Dame's president to discuss the BCS. SEC commissioner Mike Slive proposed the plus-one system but did not receive any serious.

Karl Benson had this to say about the plus-one system:
It wasn't in opposition to the plus-one. It was that the existing system
and the existing format was working fine.

Well, that's debatable. Also:

No matter how much you tried to create a system that guaranteed one vs.
two, there's always going to be arguments and debates over who is No. 4 and who
is No. 5.

That's true, however, any chance to include more deserving teams in the opportunity to play for a title is never a bad thing. Lastly, Benson said he would propose a plus-one format because:
It's much easier to get to No. 4 than it is No. 2

And that seems to be the crux of the issue.

Now we're not as bent out of shape about this decision as fans of some other programs (like Auburn). As good as the 2006 Boise State team was, they were not in the top 4 after the regular season.

The thing that is the most frustrating thing about this, is that the college presidents and commissioners are depriving fans of the same experience that the NCAA basketball tournament delivers. Some would argue that Boise State upsetting Oklahoma was the perfect end to the season and that having to play in a playoff would rob us of that satisfaction. I would disagree. The only downside of that Fiesta Bowl win for me, is the thought of unrealized potential of that 2006 team. How good were they? Could they have beaten Florida? Most would say probably not, but the lack of a definitive answer will always bother me.

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