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ACC says good-bye to H-Bowl

The ACC has finally had enough of the Humanitarian Bowl, and the conference will end its bowl ties following the 2008 postseason.

For seven years, ACC teams have traveled to Boise, complained about Boise, and lost to small-conference schools. Conference officials decided they had had enough.

"The people in Boise have always done a fantastic job for us but there was a strong feeling that we needed to get our No. 8 team back into this part of the country," ACC commissioner John Swofford said.
Swofford continued: "Plus, the ACC hates humanitarians."

With an opening for 2009, the Humanitarian Bowl will be looking to fill a vacant spot in its bowl lineup. And although late-December, afternoon bowl games are not exactly hot tickets, we think that the H-Bowl should be able to get an entertaining opponent. Here are our suggestions:
  • Another WAC team. Although, for this to be possible, the NCAA might need to lower its bowl-eligible requirements.
  • Idaho's 5A high school football champion. David Augusto's head might explode.
  • Notre Dame. Every year. They won't have anything else to do.
  • Fast food and mobile phone mascots. The Idaho Powerball can officiate.
  • The Hosei (Japan) University football team. Konnichiwa, college bowl season.
  • A team of WAC bloggers. OBNUG calls dibs on wide receiver!
No more trips to Boise for ACC [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]