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Wither Marty Tadman?

It has been two full days since the NFL Draft, and Marty Tadman still seems to be without a team. In related news, the world is a terrible, hateful place.

In addition to the signing of Taylor Tharp and Dan Gore to free agent contracts, former Broncos Jeff Cavender and Tad Miller were invited to try-outs with NFL clubs. Tadman? Nothing. There is still time for the former Boise State safety/immortal to find work at the next level, but we would have expected him to be a hot commodity soon after the draft ended. Who would have thought that NFL GMs think differently than we do?

We've commissioned Chadd Cripe (via passive aggressive email) to get on the case and find out what is happening with Tadman. This is a matter with which Brian Murphy cannot be trusted. In the meantime, we'll do our best to plug Tadman's abilities here in the hopes that curious NFL scouts are scouring blogs for biased perspective on potential prospects.