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Welcome to the WAC blogosphere, Nevada

Wolf Pack hat
If the Internet needs more of anything, it would be WAC football blogs...and free Bronco iVision.

Thankfully, one of those wishes has been granted. Packfan7, often seen leaving hopeful Nevada oratories in OBNUG's comments section, has started a Nevada blog: Pistol Whipping the WAC. We might have gone with "Kaepernick's chicken legs" or "Can't we Ault just get along?", but the Pistol reference is a good one, too.

Here's a sample from the site's first post:

Welcome to the first edition of Pistol Whipping the WAC. My attempt at proving the impossible, that the University of Nevada is in fact a football school that has just been mascarading as an NBA factory as of late.
At least he's being honest with himself.

Welcome, PWtW. We look forward to hearing what you have to say, and we look forward to leaving childish put-downs in your comments section.

[Pistol Whipping the WAC]