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WAC roundup: Vandals, Aggies find new backs

Here is a long overdue look at the world of WAC competition. Did we say competition? We meant speed bumps.


Vandal RB Princeton (if that's his real name) McCarty had himself quite a game in Idaho's spring finale, rushing for 124 yards and four touchdowns. But diving into the end zone? Act like you've been there before, McCarty, even though--as a Vandal tailback--you might never get there again.

"He had some great big plays," Idaho head coach Robb Akey said. "He learned a little lesson about discipline. We’re not going to be diving into end zones like that unless we have to. He made some big plays and dadgumit that’s what I’ve been asking them to do."
Akey went on to add: "Darn tootin'."

Sportslink: spring roundup [Spokesman-Review]

Utah State

Linebacker-turned-running back? Yeah, that'll work.
Utah State's latest offensive strategy involves converting linebackers to running backs. Isn't it supposed to work the other way?
Cumbee carried nine times for 69 yards and a touchdown during the spring-ending scrimmage at Romney Stadium.

Said Cumbee: "I just saw the hole and ran. That's what the coaches told me to do. ... They said to run the ball like a linebacker."
Run the ball like a linebacker? We seem to remember linebackers not running the ball all that well. Hence, why they are linebackers.

USU: RB shows his stuff in scrimmage [Salt Lake Tribune]

Fresno State

While Boise State fans anxiously await several Broncos going in the NFL Draft, Fresno fans have decidedly less to get excited about. DL Jason Shirley might be the only Bulldog to be drafted, and that is not even a certainty.
The former Fresno State football player knows he severely hurt those chances in October when he was charged with three misdemeanors, including driving under the influence.

"I know NFL teams frown upon those types of incidents," Shirley said.

Nonsense. The Cowboys and Bengals would love to have him.

Self-inflicted slips put Shirley's draft stock in question [Fresno Bee]

San Jose State

San Jose State has been busy crafting its non-conference schedule for the next seven years. Talk about proactive.
For SJSU fans, the biggest name will undoubtedly be USC (in 2009), but the biggest story should be Navy.

That’s partly because of the allure of playing a service academy, partly because SJSU and Navy will play four times: twice at Spartan Stadium, twice in Annapolis.

And partly because those four games are winnable.

SJSU football... [San Jose Mercury-News]