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Vandal defense improved? Hardly

Over the weekend, the Vandals held their second scrimmage of the spring, and at first glance, the defense looks to have taken a big step forward. On second glance? Not so much.

"Defense steps up in second scrimmage" blared the headline at the Vandals' athletic website. "Oh no, they didn't" claimed the facts.

Deonte Jackson 2 run (Tino Amancio kick)
Max Komar 3 run (Tino Amancio kick)
Deonte Jackson 8 run (Tino Amancio kick)
Princeton McCarty 3 run (Tino Amancio kick)
Tino Amancio 22 FG
Princeton McCarty 4 run (Tino Amancio kick)
Tariq Ikharo 5 pass from Nathan Enderle (Tino Amancio kick)
Quin Ashley 9 run (Tino Amancio kick)
Tino Amancio 21 FG
Tino Amancio 44 FG
Tino Amancio 49 FG
Deonte Jackson 5 run (Tino Amancio kick)
Idaho took comfort in the fact that all the scoring came in short yardage situations, which apparently makes giving up 68 points easier to stomach.

Defense steps up in second scrimmage []