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Spring game's scoring system gets complicated

Break out your abacus. The annual Blue and Orange game (Friday at 6:00pm) has a futuristic scoring system based on NFL Blitz and algebra, and God help the poor scoreboard operator.

Offense: Touchdown (6 points), PAT (1 point), run of 12-plus yards or pass of 16-plus yards (1 point), third and subsequent first downs on a single drive (1 point), field goal (3 points).

Defense: Touchdown (6 points), PAT (1 point), Turnover that isn’t a TD (3 points), three-and-out (1 point), sack (2 points), PAT/FG block (1 point), offense starts inside 30-yard line and doesn’t score a TD (4 points), fourth-down stop on drive that started outside the 35-yard line (3 points).

500 points to the coach who declares a starter in the QB race!

We're anxiously awaiting Friday's scrimmage (although the $6.00 ticket price is a bummer), even though we will certainly have a hard time remembering who gets how many points for what. We had hoped we were done with math after high school.

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