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Scrimmage today at Mountain View HS

The Broncos' second open scrimmage of the spring takes place today at Mountain View High School at 3:30. For directions, click here.

Living up to the lofty expectations set by last month's scrimmage will be hard to do. QB Kellen Moore had his coming-out party, and the BSU backs looked solid. We'll be looking for improvement from a few key areas this time around, namely blocking, short-yardage plays, zone coverage, and concessions. Seriously, is it too much to ask to get a bag of kettle corn?

Also, we'll be handing out numerical rosters beforehand so that the following conversation doesn't take place again.

Old guy: "Who's 41?"
Us: "That's Johnson."
Old guy: "Johnson?"
Us: "Ian Johnson."
Old guy: "Oh."
Us: (moving to another seat)

See you there (except for you, Old guy).