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Ryan Clady's Power Ranger alter ego

At this point in the run-up to the NFL Draft, teams know everything there is to know about the top prospects--except secret Power Ranger personas.

Fortunately, OBNUG can help with that. While doing research on Ryan Clady's MySpace page, we discovered the big guy's afternoon alter ego, and it sounds pretty awesome:

You are the Black Ranger, you are Zach. Your weapon is the power axe. You are the Mastadon.
Clady's Mighty Morphin' handle came from a simple MySpace survey. More journalists should employ such tactics.

Discovering Clady's other side could reap benefits come draft day. Who wouldn't want an athlete who can morph into a monster-slaying, prepubescent superhero? If the following video is any indication, the Dolphins might be pursuing the wrong guy.

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