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Public Enemy #1: The winner revealed

The day of reckoning has arrived for the six candidates in OBNUG's Public Enemy #1 competition. We've heard the cases for each nominee over the past several weeks, and we are prepared to crown a champion for this website's most hated villain.

Over the weekend, we narrowed the field down to two. Hal Mumme and Robb Akey were pardoned due to their being relatively harmless. Sean Renfree was excused due to age and ignorance. And Colin Kaepernick received a pass until next year, when he may be more dangerous.

The final candidates left standing were Dan Hawkins and Mike Prater, and each provided an interesting case for hatred. Hawkins has a history of greed and backstabbing, and Prater has a history of pompousness and loving the Vandals. Choosing between the two was not an easy task, which is probably why we dragged this on for so long. But after much hand-wringing and debate, we came to a decision.

The winner of the first annual OBNUG Public Enemy #1 is...

Dan Hawkins

Hawkins wins on account of the sins of his past. We wanted Public Enemy #1 to be someone we truly despise for his connection to the BSU program, and Hawkins' spurning of Bronco Nation cut deep enough to earn him our distaste years later. When he left for greener (richer) pastures, he betrayed our trust in ways we never imagined. Sure, the Broncos are better off without him, but no one back-stabs BSU and gets away with it.

Enjoy your year of ridicule, Hawkins. We sure will.