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Public Enemy #1: Hal Mumme's case

OBNUG is in the process of deciding who should be this website's most hated villain. We'll be presenting the cases for all of the candidates over the next few weeks. Enjoy.

Hal Mumme

Hal Mumme's case for Public Enemy #1 was written by Drew from the Fight, Fight, BSU blog. Drew's distaste for the New Mexico State head man is powerful, convincing, and well-worded. Enjoy his dissertation.

Whenever a coach "invents" a lame, gimmicky offense and then gives it an even lamer, gimmicky name like "the Pistol", "Wildhawg", or, in Mumme's case "the Air Raid," I automatically think that that coach is...well, lame and gimmicky. But couple that lameness with an undeserved air of importance like the towel-toting Hal Mumme exudes and, well, you have made a case for Public Enemy #1.

Mumme, well-known for running several programs into the ground, believes his own hype that he's some sort of offensive genius, cozies up to other hated head coaches like June Jones, and has the audacity to compare teams that have beaten his teams after the fact. The latter was exactly what Mumme did in '06 after their brutal loss to Hawaii. He said (with nothing to gain) that Hawaii was better than Boise State! Boise State had beaten Hawaii weeks earlier. Then to add insult to insult, Mumme voted for June Jones as WAC coach of the year over eventual NATIONAL coach of the year Chris Petersen.

All these things are enough to make any Bronco fan despise Mumme and glory in the fact that his team was absolutely humiliated by BSU in '07...but Mumme tops it all off by disgustingly wiping his nose constantly on the snot-soaked towel that he drapes across his shoulders and can often be seen running his no-doubt mucous-covered hands through his majestically feathered hair. Mumme, in so doing, achieves the rare double whammy...he offends fan's sensibilities and turns their stomach.

Favorite quote: "Mumme needs bandages" (Marty Tadman's infamous quote after the Broncos drubbed the Aggies on the blue in '07)

For more from Drew, check out his Bronco blog at Fight, Fight, BSU.