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Offense wins Blue-Orange game

The Boise State offense got back on track tonight in the Blue-Orange game. Freshman QB Kellen Moore had another fine performance, leading several long drives, and Doug Martin scored the only touchdown of the evening on a short TD run.

We were very pleased with how the Broncos looked. The defense showed some good signs, basically shutting down the running game. All four QBs made one or two good plays when they had their chance. And we even finagled our way into the scrimmage without paying.

Here are some of our first impressions:

  • Either our kick return is great or our kick coverage is awful.
  • Kellen Moore to Titus Young looks awfully good. Young beat Cedric Febis down the sideline and Moore hit him with a beautiful over-the-shoulder rainbow. Good stuff.
  • Jeremy Childs made an appearance on the sideline.
  • Bush Hamdan showed great mobility, although he took off a few times when he still had plenty of opportunity to throw. He either went through his reads too fast or got antsy.
  • The tackling was stellar from the defense. On multiple occasions, there was one man left between the ball carrier and the end zone, and the defensive player made a sure tackle.
  • D.J. Harper may be the hardest back to bring down on the team.
  • The D-line continues to get great penetration. Shea McClellin and Chase Baker had especially good nights.
  • There were fewer bad snaps from the shotgun, although several still either rolled back to the QB or went over his head.
  • It was nice to see the Broncos run some traditional sets instead of all shotgun and "Q".
  • Doug Martin as the goalline back could be groundbreaking.
  • A chant of "Paul J" started late in the scrimmage.
  • Brock Jaramillo nailed both of his field goal attempts, and he looked good doing it.
  • Moore's first drive of the scrimmage showcased his ability to scramble and make plays. It was fun to watch.