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OBNUG Roster Update: Linebackers

Spring football gets OBNUG in the mood to speculate, so over the next few weeks, we will be making blind guesses as to who will be starting for the Broncos in the fall. We’ll do it position-by-position. Today: Linebackers.


Ideal candidate:
Bobby Boucher

Worst candidate: Gallant from Highlights

Actual candidates: Kyle Gingg, Derrell Acrey, Dallas Dobbs, David Shields, Tim Brady, Ellis Powers, Aaron Tevis, Tommy Smith, Byron Hout, Daron Mackey, Hunter White, Dan Paul

OBNUG's pick: Gingg, Mackey, Dobbs. A position of weakness last year should be a strength for the Broncos in 2008. I mean look at that list! The Broncos could start 11 linebackers if they wanted! We think that might be imprudent, so we'll go with Gingg, Mackey, and Dobbs in the meantime, although we expect many others to contribute.