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Nike tries out new unis with Broncos

IMG_9358.jpg picture by jhavogt

Several players at the Blue-Orange game on Friday were sporting fancy new threads, courtesy of those fashionistas at Nike.

"They (Nike) want to test out the fabric, test out the fit with some of the reflector things on it," Johnson said. "It’s a real tight-fitting jersey … It feels nice … it’s real hard to grab."

Johnson failed to address the black piping on the sleeves of the jerseys, so we will address it for him.
"It's hideous," OBNUG said. "The disgusting black arm veins have to go. Who does Nike think we are? Oregon?"
If we had our druthers, we would prefer the 2006 unis with a special 1980s throwback some time during the year.

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Photo courtesy Statue Left Bronco Country.