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NFL Draft recap

Here is a roundup of links from this weekend's NFL Draft.

Ryan Clady links
Deadspin can't imagine anyone wanting to leave Boise early []
Denver Post: happy to have him [Denver Post]
Brian Murphy's take: typical [Idaho Statesman]
The Scott Slant: Clady to start at left tackle []
Arbiter story: full of good quotes [Arbiter Online]

Orlando Scandrick links
Cowboys' beat writer gives team a B [Dallas Morning-News]
Scandrick Q&A [Cowboys Blog]
Scandrick has no regrets about coming out [Dallas Morning-News]

Other draft links
Mel Kiper's draft grades: Broncos C+, Cowboys B+ []
Utah State has two drafted; hell freezes over []
Brennan a Redskin: good thing Georgia doesn't play in NFC East [UH Athletics]