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New coordinator brings fun to SoMiss offense

Change is in the air for the Southern Miss offense.

New offensive coordinator Larry Fedora, previously at Oklahoma State and Florida, has installed an up-tempo, spread attack that puts a premium on freewheeling and a kibosh on fullbacks.

It’s not that Fedora’s system is totally alien. It’s built on concepts that are becoming more familiar. Even the New England Patriots ran a version of the spread offense last season. But there are new assignments, new ways of thinking and everything has to be done at a fast pace and with no huddle.
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Sounds like WAC football.

The departure from the Golden Eagle's staid approach to offense is expected to revitalize a program that has seen its support dwindle in recent years. While the new run 'n gun might be fun to watch, we don't expect any of the bells and whistles to throw the Broncos off when they visit Hattiesburg in the fall. It won't be anything they haven't seen before.

Fedora to unveil new So. Miss attack []