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Losing lucratively pays off for Hawaii

Most of expected $2.2M net to help balance budget, Donovan says.
The Hawaii Warriors, big-time losers in the 2008 Sugar Bowl, will receive $4.3 million from the BCS for their participation in the bowl game. For comparison, Boise State, who appeared in the Fiesta Bowl the year before, received $4.2 million...and the respect and admiration of the entire country.

After expenses, the Warriors should net nearly $2.2 million, which could buy coach Greg McMackin a lot of Cokes! However, it appears cooler, more financially responsible heads will prevail.

UH athletic director Jim Donovan, who inherited a balance sheet with a $4.4 million accumulated net deficit when he took over last month, said he hopes to use $1.5 million to balance the budget for the current fiscal year. Options for the remaining $600,000 to $700,000, if it stays within the athletic department, include reducing the accumulated net deficit, making investments in the athletic department and purchasing video equipment for the football team.

We think some of the remaining money should go to Donovan's "shirt fund."

Jim Donovan

Hawaii's lucrative failure does not just benefit the Warriors, though. Each WAC school will receive over $400,000 apiece to do with as they see fit. Fresno State will use its share to pay down a budget deficit, New Mexico State will fund the Chase Holbrook for Heisman campaign, and Utah State has plans to bribe opponents into "taking it easy on us this year."

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