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KBOI loses contract, angers Bronco Nation

Reaction from Boise State fans over the loss of Bronco sports broadcasting by KBOI has been remarkable. Many are not ready to see Paul J. Schneider go; he has been the voice of the Broncos for 35 years.

"It's obviously been a great part of my life," Schneider said. "Obviously I'm closely identified with Boise State. I feel bizarre right now. I kind of thought it was coming, but it's kind of like when you have someone who's not doing good and not expected to live long and when they die, you go, 'Whoa!' And that's kind of where I am.

"I thought I'd do it until I turned into Harry Caray and I couldn't see anymore."

The games will switch from 670 KBOI to 580 KIDO beginning in the fall. Peak Broadcasting, which won the rights over Citadel, does not have as strong of a signal as KBOI did, but Peak won the contract in part due to its reach into markets statewide.

"We have a network that we’ve put in place that we’re going to be working on now that we’re Boise State’s choice for the broadcasts," Peak General Manager Kevin Godwin said. "We have some great relationships inside and outside the state of Idaho that have shown a lot of interest in airing the football product."
Many fans want Paul J. to remain the voice of the Broncos, and while Godwin did not rule out the possibility, the odds of Paul J. returning seem slim. Who might replace the BSU legend? Statue Left has posted a poll of possibilities, and we'll weigh in with our choices later today. As for now, we're going to go listen to the radio call of the Fiesta Bowl and take ourselves back to a simpler time.

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