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Giant Canadian recruit to join Broncos in fall

This headline sounds like something straight out of the tabloids, but it's true. Mike Atkinson, a defensive tackle from Ontario's Catholic Central High, will joining the team this fall to compete for playing time along the defensive line.

He's big, he's Canadian, and he's coming to Boise. Hide the bagged milk!

The Broncos were initially looking at Tyrone Crawford, an all-star defensive end for Catholic Central. In talking with Ontario talent scout Ron Dias and Catholic Central coach Jalil Khoury, they turned their attention to Mike Atkinson. The six-foot-one, 330-pound tackle was WECSSAA's defensive player of the year and a member of the Windsor Lancers' high school dream team.
At 330 pounds, the Boise State coaches are expecting Atkinson to play both defensive tackle positions. However, Atkinson might have bigger aspirations. Fight, Fight, BSU has video evidence of the big fella being a potential weapon in the passing game. Scary, eh?

Atkinson heads to Boise State [Windsor Star]