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Fresno gets way too excited for spring game

Being the prohibitive WAC favorite and a potential preseason Top 25 team has Fresno State pretty geeked up, and nobody celebrates April hype better than the Bulldogs. Observe:

Whoever was running the spring game festival pulled out all the stops.

Someone handed coach Pat Hill a microphone -- and he promptly started hawking season tickets.

Buy them now, he said. Don't want you to be left out in the cold come game day.

Organizers rolled out the clothing racks and the BBQ equipment and the T-shirt gun.

They enlisted the services of cheerleaders and the student band, which ripped off fight songs as though it were September and the big bad Badgers were in town.

Granted, we are a little jealous about the T-shirt gun.

I went to a game and a circus broke out [Merced Sun-Star]