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Fighting The (BCS) Man on Capitol Hill

A resolution is underway in Washington, D.C., to investigate the legality of the BCS. We have never loved politicians more than we do right now.

Representatives Neil Abercrombie, Democrat of Hawaii; Lynn Westmoreland, Republican of Georgia; and Mike Simpson, Republican of Idaho, introduced a resolution saying the B.C.S. restricts trade because only the largest universities compete in its games. The resolution would require the Justice Department’s antitrust division to investigate if the B.C.S. violates federal law.

Good for Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson leading the charge. He has earned our vote from now until eternity.

The measure, if it passes, would put Congress on record as supporting a postseason playoff.

With OBNUG also on record as supporting a postseason playoff, Congress will have a hard time ignoring this issue.

Three lawmakers seek inquiry... [New York Times]