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Did Bleymaier want Paul J. out?

A few days ago, Idaho Radio News uncovered details from the contract negotiations for Boise State's radio rights, and all signs point to a conspiracy theory to have Paul J. Schneider removed.

If Citadel were to win the contract, it would have only kept legendary host Paul J. Schneider for one year of the two year agreement, and has hired Dan Karcher, who is scheduled to start work for KBOI in September. If Citadel had won the agreement, Karcher would have been involved with pre- and post-game shows "to become acclimated."

According to notes of a March 7th meeting, BSU athletic director Gene Bleymaier asked Citadel executives "If we want to make a change immediately, is that an option?" Citadel bosses said they "would do it," and said that they would have to have someone hired in two to three months.

Also, Bleymaier put a hit out on David Augusto.

Conspicuously absent from the radio story posted on the Bronco website was any mention of Paul J., who had been a part of Boise State radio for 35 years. Was Bleymaier out to get Paul J.? What did the Boise State AD have against the voice of the Broncos? Was there pressure from an outside source? Blackmail? Nepotism? And most importantly, where is Brian Murphy during all of this? His silence is deafening.

Draw your own conclusions about Bleymaier v. Schneider. Personally, we're taking Todd Miles' side.

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