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Clady to the Jets in fake Emmitt Smith mock draft

Our favorite mock draft this year has been the satirical Emmitt Smith mock by the guys at They have masterfully captured Emmitt's idiosyncrasies and turned it into a fascinating story. In addition to having Matt Ryan going No. 1 to the Dolphins, the Emmitt mock draft also has the Chiefs taking Tim Tebow at No. 5. Hilarious.

Here is an excerpt from the Ryan Clady entry:

#6. New York Jets: Ryan Clandy, OT, Boise State

The New York Jet need help really bad. And that is a big misunderstatement. After all, the Jets can only be disrespected by every team in their league and in the AFC East. In their conference, they have the New England Patriots, who are good. They have the Buffalo Bills, who obviously gone 11-5 in 2007 last year. They have the Indianapolis Colts who won the World Series in 2005. And they have the Miami Dolphin, who just hired Parcells to be their coach. So the New York Jets have their back against the fence.
Clandy should be able to help out the Jets tremendously.

Emmitt Smith's 2008 Mock Draft []