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Bronco radio job up for grabs

With the apparent ousting of Paul J. Schneider as voice of the Broncos, Boise State fans will have to get used to a new announcing team this season. Peak Broadcasting, the new owner of the radio rights to Bronco football, has yet to decide on who the play-by-play team will be for the 2008 broadcasts, so we feel an obligation to steer them in the right direction. Here is a short list of potential candidates:

  • David Augusto and David Augusto. With sideline reporting from David Augusto.
  • Caves and Prater. No, thank you.
  • Wayne Dzubak and Father Time. We figure they hang out a lot together.
  • Larry Gebert and Scott Dorval. Everyone loves a good weather metaphor.
  • Dave Tester and Claudia Weathermon. Let's hope they don't fight over air time.
  • A Magic 93.1 DJ and random callers. Bronco games would be played over a backdrop of Rhianna music.
  • The Power Ball and the Verizon Wireless phone. Perhaps a three-man booth with the Carl's Jr. star?
  • Brian Murphy and a hungry lion. This partnership might not last long.
  • OBNUG. We would definitely make the broadcasts entertaining.