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Brian Murphy doesn't get college football

Brian Murphy continues to amaze us. After belittling Bronco fans in his March columns, Murphy has turned his attention to taking the wrong side in the BCS/Congress debate. In his Statesman story over the weekend, the Murph claimed that there are more important things for the Justice Department to concerned about.

Mike Simpson, R-Ida. and co-sponsors Neil Abercrombie, D-Hawaii, and Lynn Westmoreland, R-Ga., have decided that what Congress should be worrying about is the college football bowl system. Even in this period of persistent war, a collapsing dollar, a mortgage crisis, all-time high gasoline prices and troubled healthcare system what Congress should really be worrying about is the college football bowl system.


"We can do more than one thing at a time," Simpson said, defending the bill. "It doesn't mean we're not doing other things."

Um, that's precisely what it means.

Leave it to Murphy to ignore quotes from his main source in order to keep on the path to his original point. Sure, there are other issues in this country, but the government is well aware of them and working hard to fix them. Simpson is right; a bunch of grown-ups can multi-task.

Besides, as a Boise State fan, Murphy should be thrilled about this bill. The Broncos are the poster child for fairness and equality, and their success is exactly why this kind of legislation is being proposed. Should it pass, Boise State will have an infinitely better shot at a national title.

The issue is not an issue solely reserved for college football because obviously college football cannot handle it. If left alone in the hands of Myles Brand and Co., the BCS will continue in its current inequitable state for years. College football needs outside intervention, and the best place to get it is in Congress.

Murphy needs to get off his soapbox and appreciate this great opportunity. Forget the energy crisis. Be glad that college football won't be broken forever.

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