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Bold predictions for the week ahead

For as long as we can remember, Mel Kiper Jr. has been the face of the NFL Draft. Or should we say hair? Either way, Kiper's scouting has paved the way for thousands of copycat analysts and has helped make the draft one of the NFL's greatest offseason events (alongside holdouts, the Hall of Fame ceremony, and Trey Wingo). We salute you, Mel Kiper. Keep up the great work and say something nice about Ryan Clady and Orlando Scandrick this weekend.

Here is what we see happening in the coming week.

  • Ryan Clady will be drafted No. 5 overall by the Kansas City Chiefs, prompting people at Clady's draft party at Taco Bell Arena to go wild.
  • Orlando Scandrick will be drafted in the fourth round by the New England Patriots, prompting people at Scandrick's draft party at OBNUG headquarters to go wild.
  • Taylor Tharp will not be drafted. (We know--not a bold prediction, but a prediction nonetheless.)