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Boise State spring report card

Now that spring practice is over, we find ourselves needing to quantify the Broncos' progress. And what better way to do that than an arbitrary grading system. Of course, being the homers that we are, every grade is significantly weighted with our own personal biases. As you can see, we were pretty happy with what we saw this spring.


  • Quarterbacks: B+
    The added dimension of mobile quarterbacks really gave the offense a scary look.
  • Running backs: B+
    Even with little running room, all of the backs ran hard and did not go down easily. Good to see.
  • Receivers: A
    Titus Young looks like a star, and the group as a whole looked fast and dangerous.
  • Linemen: B-
    This group proved to be the weak link in the Bronco offense, but they still showed signs that they could get the job done come fall.
  • Linemen: A+
    The biggest surprise of spring ball by far. Even with several key contributors injured, this unit absolutely dominated at times. We can't wait to see what they do in the fall.
  • Linebackers: A
    This group was much improved over last year. They would have got a higher grade had they continued to force turnovers as they did in the first scrimmage.
  • Defensive backs: A
    Safety play is definitely a strength, and there are enough smart, quick players at corner to make the secondary solid.
Special Teams:
  • Return: A+
    Doug Martin. Ian Johnson. Jeremy Avery. Titus Young. Running back kicks has never been so exciting.
  • Coverage: D
    Every kick was a potential TD thanks to this group.
  • Punts: B-
    Elkin had more good kicks in the spring than he did all of last year. Still room for improvement, though.
  • Field goals: B-
    We'll be the first to say it: Kyle Brotzman was surprisingly inaccurate this spring.