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Boise State spring football awards

People have recapped spring football and graded spring football, but no one has yet to make up arbitrary awards for spring football. That's where we come in.

In honor of the many noteworthy performances from the past few weeks, may we present OBNUG's 2008 spring football awards.

Most likely to succeed: DE Ryan Winterswyk.
This half-man, half-monster wreaked havoc in the backfield all spring. If only he could face freshman offensive tackles all the time!

Most likely to have a bandwagon named after him: QB Kellen Moore.
Moore's spring performance made Bronco fans downright giddy with delight. Can you say "man crush"? Half of Bronco Nation can (and has).

Most likely to see playing time as a true freshman: S George Iloka.
The tall, lanky safety made the most of his opportunities this spring, and to think, he's only 18! Our greatest accomplishment at 18 was going undefeated in Madden.

Most likely to replace Marty Tadman (on the field, not in our hearts): S Jeron Johnson.
Tadman was the heart and soul of the defense, and we think that Johnson has what it takes to fill the void. Johnson can walk on water, right?

Most likely to score a billion touchdowns: WR Titus Young.
Young is fast, athletic, and an impossible match-up for every corner in the WAC. He might score a billion touchdowns against Utah State alone.

Most likely to be Ian Johnson's backup: RB D.J. Harper.
If you had asked us this question prior to spring football, we would have shouted "Doug Martin" and maybe giggled a little. And while Martin is indeed a beast, Harper blew us away by his power and elusiveness. Color us impressed.

Most likely to change positions: QB Nick Lomax.
Lomax's immobility will cost him in the QB battle, so we can see him taking the high road and switching positions of his own accord. Our guess? Personal protector to Brad Elkin.

Most likely to wrestle a bear and win: DL Sean Bingham.
He wrestled John Gott, who looks like a bear, and won. We don't see how a real bear would fare any better.

Most likely to stop disappointing us: LB Derrell Acrey.
Acrey, who has long been listed as a breakout candidate, narrowly edged out "rugby punts" for this award.

Most likely to not talk to the media: QB Bush Hamdan.
A winner for the second year in a row! Congrats!

Most likely to drive us mad: the "Q."
Considering our reaction to being under center (elation) compared to that of being in the "Q" (queasy), we think this abbreviated shotgun could be trouble, especially if snaps continue missing their mark.