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Boise State scrimmage reaction

Friday's scrimmage was a fascinating departure from last year's Bronco football. With a dominating performance from the defense, Boise State gave fans an enticing taste of what may come this fall from the team's most maligned unit. Sure, we like our touchdowns and our Kellen Moore, but we also enjoy knowing that maybe, just maybe, Colin Kaepernick won't run roughshod over us again.

Final stats from Friday's scrimmage:

SCORING: Matt Kaiserman, 5-yard TD run (no kick attempted)
RUSHING: Ian Johnson 3 carries for 18 yards, D.J. Harper 3-16, Matt Kaiserman 5-15, Jeremy
Avery 3-10, Doug Martin 5-10, Jarvis Hodge 2-2
PASSING: Bush Hamdan 7-of-12 for 113 yards, Nick Lomax 6-8-52, Mike Coughlin 4-9-51, Kellen Moore 5-12-52
RECEIVING: Julian Hawkins 4 catches for 50 yards, Toshi Franklin 3-63, Austin Pettis 2-46, Doug Martin 2-26, Tanyon Bissell 2-13, Ricky Cookman 2-11, Titus Young 2-8, Tommy Gallarda 1-23, Kyle Efaw 1-11, Jeremy Avery 1-7, D.J. Harper 1-5, Mitch Burroughs 1-5

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