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An open letter to the Kansas City Chiefs

Dear Kansas City Chiefs,

With the fifth pick in Saturday's NFL Draft, you have an opportunity to significantly upgrade your team, and we would like to give you advice on how not to blow it. Picking a bust is a lot easier than you might think (Ryan Sims knows what we're talking about), which is why we feel obligated to help.

Make no mistake, there is one true and right way to draft on Saturday, and his name is Ryan Clady.

You need a difference-maker, Chiefs, and Clady is that difference-maker. Remember the days when you used to dominate teams along the offensive line with powerful, smart players who controlled the line of scrimmage and kept the offense moving? We hardly do. Wasn't that, like, five years ago? Clady can help restore that luster.

And really, you are going nowhere without a consistent offense. Brodie Croyle is horribly mortal and the receivers are tragically unremarkable. But put Clady in at left tackle and at least Croyle will have seven seconds to not find the right receiver and Eddie Kennison will have plenty of opportunity to not get open. If all else fails, you can call Larry Johnson off-tackle plays until you're blue in the face.

The way we see it, here are your draft needs:

  • Wide Receiver. There are no receivers worth a top ten pick this season, meaning that you may have to wait until the second day to get a playmaking wideout. You are not the Lions.
  • Defensive Line. With Jared Allen gone, Tamba Hali needs a new bookend. Or does he? At least you still have one quality DE. If he demands double-teams, you can find any noob to fill the other side, one-on-one.
  • Safety. Safeties just shouldn't go as high as No. 5 overall. Except for Marty Tadman.
  • Offensive Line. Hmm, we can think of a fairly good prospect who will be available.
Clady makes too much sense at No. 5. He will be a franchise player for years to come, and he will make an immediate impact. Sure our advice is motivated by a desire to see a Boise State player go in the top five picks, but we also want to see you succeed. We can't stand the Chargers.

When you go on the clock Saturday, there will be pressure to write down the name of an overrated defensive lineman (Vernon Gholston), an overrated quarterback (Matt Ryan), or God's gift to the left tackle position (Clady).

Write down Ryan Clady's name. You won't regret it.