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An open letter to the Blue and Orange game

Dear Blue and Orange game,

Boy, are we looking forward to watching you on Friday. We'll be the ones wearing Ian Johnson jerseys and giggling like little girls every time Kellen Moore rolls out of the pocket. You can't miss us.

Our excitement, however, has been tempered by your $6.00 admission. We had assumed that you would be free, considering we did not have to pay a dime for the other spring scrimmages. Obviously, we cannot put a price on being a Boise State fan. That said, paying six dollars for two hours of glorified practice seems a little shady.

We don't mind paying the mini-ransom, mostly because this will be the last chance we get until August to see Bronco football. However, charging for a spring game has the strange feel of extortion. Boise State has kept its fans out of everyday practices and has limited our access to the team. Now, when BSU does open the doors to the public, the university looks to make a profit off of us? Isn't that what the 2007 Bronco football DVD was for?

If we are shelling out hard-earned cash for a practice with a scoreboard, then you, Blue and Orange game, better be spectacular. We expect the following things at the very least:

  • Rosters
  • PA announcer
  • Concessions
  • Cheerleaders
  • ESPN coverage
  • Being allowed on the field
  • 17 Doug Martin touchdowns
  • Marty Tadman autograph session
  • A decision on the starting quarterback
We're willing to give the Broncos our undying allegiance and to dip into our Dairy Queen fund to pay for admission. The least you could do for us, Blue and Orange game, is provide some fireworks.


We want big fireworks.

OBNUG team