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Acrey making name for himself in spring

Kellen Moore isn't the only BSU player who has people talking.

Derrell Acrey, the sophomore middle linebacker, has had a wonderful spring, showing the dominance and skill that many expected to see last year. We felt he was the best defensive player in the most recent spring scrimmage, making plays all over the field and really delivering some crunching hits. Just don't try telling him that he's just now living up to expectations.

"I try not to listen to all that stuff, but of course word gets around," Acrey said. "That kind of fuels me now. I don’t want people just to think of my potential. I want to perform and meet my own expectations I have for myself."
Many considered Acrey to be a candidate for a breakout season last year, but it didn't happen. His performance thus far in the spring has given the coaches optimism that Acrey will arrive this season and significantly improve a unit that was a team weakness last fall.
"He plays with passion," defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox said, "and sometimes he needs to be able to control that and unleash it at the right times. That's a skill. He's definitely gotten better. He's got a lot of room to grow, but we're excited about where he's going."
We're excited about not giving up 67 points to Nevada again.

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